2019 Beneficiary – MannMukti

We have partnered with MannMukti, an organization that has devoted its efforts towards raising awareness on mental health within the South Asian community and breaking the stigma associated with it.





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History of MannMukti

MannMukti translates to “mental liberation” in Hindi. Our mission is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care.

MannMukti is a storytelling platform, launched May 2017, that enables South Asians to normalize and discuss mental health issues. We emphasize sharing stories of mental illness to create a new narrative of compassion and acceptance. By highlighting the many different forms mental illness takes within our community, we hope to reduce the collectivist pressure to sweep these issues under the rug. In our accessible and positive mental health community, we put an emphasis on social media and digital connections, and also host several events. Though we are not medical professionals, we believe in sharing medically accurate information and research to raise awareness about the scientific side of mental health diagnoses and issues. Finally, we believe in the power of our members to spread awareness in their local communities: in addition to our working staff, we have a team of incredible Ambassadors that bring the MannMukti message to life.

MannMukti was founded by Abhijith (Abhi) Ravinutala because he lost a best friend. After mental health issues led to the death of his friend in 2015, Abhi knew that both he and the community as a whole could’ve done better by his friend. He made it his goal to reduce the stigma against mental health issues in South Asian communities, and increase awareness and compassion for those living with mental illness. Something had to be done to ensure that no one felt alone the way that his friend did.

After months of recruiting, planning, designing, and researching, MannMukti was launched in May 2017.